The Anime Market: Stock 1

May 13, 2009

On Today’s Show We Have:

  • Puni Puni Poemy/ Kekko Kamen Double Pack
  • Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl

Puni Puni Poemy/ Kekko Kamen Double PackPuni Puni Poemy

This double pack sounded to good to be true. 2 DVD’s at the price of one? No way. Yes way and I’ll tell you why.  While the series are both very ecchi (and while I have no oppostion to ecchi) it was nasty. Mainly Kekko Kamen. A superhero female that runs around in the nude fighting bad guys? Sounds cool, but isn’t. It suffers from bad plot, humor, etc. Where this shines is the Puni Puni Poemy. Despite it being two episodes long it is VERY funny. I found myself giggling loudly. It has so much out of the ordinary sequences and great jokes. The characters all pop out. Sadly this set is a pizza with sardines. You’re alergic to sardines and the lindering effect will still be on the pizza. This is a skip for me.

Verdict: Don’t Buy

Licensed by ADV Films.


KashimashiKashimashi: Girl Meets Girl

Oh, yuri. You nasty smut. Wait, this yuri isn’t smut? Wow. You’ll find that despite the panty shots this anime is as clean as can be. You can spot more disturbing themes in Naruto than you can in Kashimashi. The premis is wacky. A girlish guy gets hit by  a spaceship and becomes reconstructed as a female. As her life goes on more guys and gals hit on her, mainly the protaganist’s, Hazumu, friends Tomari and Yasuna even though Yasuna rejected him as a guy. The plot is alright, I don’t typically expect much from a yuri anime but the series got dull after a while. The character just tried to preserve everyone’s feelings and caused me to lose interest in what was happening. The artwork is where this anime mainly shines. The “visual novel” artwork really showed during the last parts of the series, mainly in the festival episode. The sound really depressed me because there was no english dub even though the background music was quite well done. It’s sympathetic when it needs to be and happy when it should Well, what did I expect from a 14 dollar anime? Did I mention the price. This anime is at 14 dollars at nearly any Entertainment retailer. There are some good extras like the Japanese DVD promos. Especially the Voice Actor Interview. It feels really great to see the people behind the series. I don’t see why you would not buy this unless you are not into yuri, and that’s fine.


Verdict: Buy

Licensed by Media Blasters


Obscure Buy!

Zero no TsukaimaFamiliar of Zero Complete First Season Box Set

Familiar of Zero is one of those series I found overrated at first site. It’s so moe and gushing in terrible plotline but I liked it. This was a good moe. The series starts off with Saito from Earth landing on a different planet after Louise “The Zero” transports him to be her familiar. Hijinx insue after he tries to go back home. At first glance I thought “I’ll buy it for the pink hair, it won’t be great”. Little did I know I would have a love-hate relationship with it. I normally despise tsundere characters but something about Louise made me like her. She wasn’t like most because she actually proved to Saito she had feelings for him at some point. The soundtrack is not terrible and the voice acting in both dubs is great. Not epic, but great. The set comes with posters, extras and trailers all making this worth the cash.

Sadly, finding this at a Best Buy or FYE would be a miracle. Since Geneon disbanded it can be found at specific Entertainment shops and anime retailers.

 I found mine at: http://www.rightstuf.com/cgi-bin/catalogmgr/F0Wl0OT5fZ4CZd8qPT/browse/item/81331/4/0/0

Verdict: Buy


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