Buso Renkin Anime Review

May 27, 2009

Buso RenkinBuso Renkin 1



This is as good as neo shonen get. It’s not too long, but not too short. Fuck Ichigo and Ed, Kazuki has his Kakugane on lock down. “I’LL SPLATTER…YOUR GUTS!”

This is an IIP- “Impossible is possible” anime. The story is about alchemy and although it is SUPER played out this anime does well of  lacking any stereotypes. There is a beach episode since there has to be at least one fan service episode. Quite frankly the only good plot in ALL of Shonen Jump’s manga turned anime. It follows almost exactly like the manga.

The art is pretty great. What would you expect from Nobuhiro Watsuki? I’m amazed that Xebec ACTUALLY did great designs. The fight scenes are quick, but leave you wanting more. The final fight between two epic characters is so brilliantly colored and shaded that it leaft nothing to be desired. The only problem I have is that some characters look plain. Mahiro looks so stereotypical… But Papillon is such a fresh character that he makes up for it.Buso Renkin 2

The BGM in this anime is a bit bad. It goes in at the moments when not needed. (Romantic music AFTER Kazuki talks to Tokiko about his feelings) The dubs for both the Japanese and English are great, but my complaint is Tokiko. Her mouth flaps at the weiderst times in both dubs. She’s not even talking at some points. It IS Viz after all.

All the characters are here. The pervert, the fat guy, the tranvestite, the love sick loser, the ditz, the tsundere, etc. They aren’t really original, but they do their job. Plus, this is the only anime where I was pairing up characters.

I did enjoy this anime and well worth the 70 bucks on both sets. I highly recommend it.

– Great plot that moves fast and doesn’t leave you hanging.
– Papillon is the most vibrant character in history.

– The characters are a bit stereotypical.

This anime is out now by Viz Media. Below are just a few screencaps. None of them are taken by me.02 Review Image 402 Review Image 102 Review Image 2


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