Kirameki Yoko Box – Pieces of Sweet Stars「S・t・a・r・S」

June 13, 2009


The many idoru Yokos!

The many idoru Yokos!


This is a really good PV. No matter how you look at it. Let’s take a look at the animation. Despite it being littered with fan-service and pointless scenes, the artwork is clean, crisp, and looks very great. I admit some angles look pigish and tend to not make sense, they can be ignored. There is some great color in this music video and it really makes it stand out from all the other TTGL gimmicks that keep being put out. Gainax really put in some effort when making this.

The sound sounds great. The song isn’t neccesarily Oricon worthy, but it’s more catchy than herpes. It just tends to stick in your head. I would recommend reading some romaji to the song since some of the lyrics can’t be understood properly the first few times. I’ll admit Yoko makes a very good idol. Her seiyuu has proven before that she could sing, but she brought all her cards this time.

This can easily become the next Hare Hare overnight. I would recommend giving this a shot if you didn’t like the original series, and I don’t have to tell any TTGL fans to go and see it. I’m currently looking to find a copy of the DVD and you should too.

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