Wannabe Gangstas in Tokyo

July 6, 2009

Tokyo Tribe 2 Review

Tokyo Tribe

Method Watched: Fansubs

Genre: Drama

This anime’s story starts off about four episodes in, so the first few episodes are passable but it’s still great to watch03 them. The story begins where the boss of Buppa’s , the big gang boss above all of Tokyo’s Tribes, son dies during a betrayal by Mera. The story originally revolves around Kai, the somewhat-not-really leader of the Saru’s when his friend Tera is decapitated by Mera, another old friend of Kai’s. The story from here sets off into the deepness of Tokyo’s underground. From here on it turns into a somewhat WW2-esque story, I’d tell

The art for this anime is quite great, including great tones and shades. Madhouse did a great job of capturing Santa’s artwork on the pages. The backgrounds seem like an urban wall and tend to stick out quite well. The big problem is they captured Santa’s art TOO well. The lips tend to look awkward and the faces tend to look smashed at times. Still, this is a passable offense and doesn’t interfere with the enjoyment. It’s amazing how well they designed the clothes and how well they kept up with the trends…even if everyone wore the same clothes for the whole series.

The sound is EPIC. The hip hop in this anime05 is amazing, including songs by the Illmatic Buddha MC’s. I seriously was digging the music and finding an OST for this anime is well worth it. There is a bad part. They recycle the music too much. It seems that I heard some of the songs more than 20 times throughout this anime. Not that recycling is bad, it’s just that variety could have been better.

I really enjoyed this anime and marathoned the last 5 episodes today and this has officially gone into “MY Favorites”.  This anime is not for kids since it contains a few sex scenes and alot of violence. Of course that won’t stop you from watching it, so go watch it you little rascal!

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