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Japan loves its subordinate women.

December 27, 2009

World of Narue Bashing Review

Method Watched: Anime On Demand/Japanese fansubs

Price: 29.98

English Publisher: ADVision (previously licensed by Central Parke Media)

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Slice of Life, Sci-fi

One of the reasons why anime has become jaded and bland is the same reason series like this anime get released. It’s not so bad to have anime clichés in your anime, it’s how you use them. This series uses them in the most boring manner imaginable.

The anime plot is pretty basic. Girl saves boy, girl is alien, girl and guy get in to wacky adventures, guy wants to pork said alien. Shocker, the boy is a fucking otaku and the girl is a walking doormat. Narue is the alien and Kazuto is the bitch, I mean boy. There are no plot twists and from there it turns into a slice of life. There isn’t much sci-fi going on

The main characters Kazuto and Narue. My face looked EXACTLY like Narue's as I watched this anime.

despite its premise. If I had to compare this story to any other anime it would be Oh! My Goddess. The girl is a reason why the I’m not completely opposed to the feminist movement. She’s exactly the type of girl meant to appeal to otaku fetishists. Not to mention the mechaphiles. There’s a ship that turns into a woman. Feel free to stop reading the review now if that was enough to seal the deal. The only people that are going to be watching a show with a story like this are either otaku idealists or young girls who find this show cute. The biggest problem with romantic comedy/slice of life type of shows is their endings. This anime takes the cake. It just…ends. In the same vein that I hated Kare Kano for just ending. How does it end though? In the most otaku’s wet dream imaginable. A cosplay contest to please her man.

The art is nothing special. There are no great fight scenes, no amazing romantic kiss scene…everything is just mediocre. All the characters look like stock anime characters. In short, make sure to drink some coffee before you pop this in the DVD player. I looked up the character design and it looks like some guy named Takaaki Hirayama did the character designs. What else has this guy done? Motherfucking Mamotte Shugogetten, another “let me please you because I’m willing to do whatever for you” anime.

As far as sound goes, this anime goes nowhere. Narue’s soundtrack sounds a lot like that of a visual novel. It’s pretty bland and does nothing to bring up any emotions. The Japanese track for this is not half bad. A lot of the seiyuu aren’t high-pitched annoying, just there. I knew I’d heard Kazuto’s voice somewhere before though..somewhere bad.. MOTHERFUCKING MAMOTTE SHUGOGETTEN! Mr. Daisuke Sakaguchi is just one of those guys I will never ever accept his voice after series like this. As for the English dub, it’s flat. Nothing special, it gets the job done for a series like this.

 I hate everyone in this series. Everyone. I hate to rag on series as if they’re terrible, but everyone is so mediocre. The only highlight of this whole series is the ship woman. She wants to get married. If you had to see one episode of this

This is Bathtscaphe. There's a guy who wants to pork her in this show.

series, it’s the ship relationship episode. I for one do not condone mecha-human relationships. It’s wrong and immoral and God would not stand for it.

I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. It’s not that this show is bad, it’s just mediocre, and mediocrity is what really sucks. However, I know people will watch this because of its‘ moe♥moe kyuun aspect. However, those people don’t read my reviews..well no one really does, but you get the point. Don’t buy it, don’t download it, just pretend you never read this or even heard of the series. Why ADVision decided to rerelease it is beyond me.

If you're reading this blog, chances are you find this to be disgusting. If this turned you on, get the fuck out of Lonely Sunset.



My mom doesn’t like gay-boys.

December 27, 2009

Otomen Review

I swear to god, it's not a yaoi.

Method Read: Published Manga

Price: $8.99

English Publisher: Viz Media

Genre: Romantic Comedy

There is a rule amongst shojo manga: a shojo manga is never good after the fourth volume. I personally stand by it. Otomen is a bit of a different beast all together. It’s a beast because I can’t tell if it’s a parody or not. There seems to be

You fujoshi fail me. Why does this not have a shitload of doujin?

elements of an actual plot, but it’s hidden behind a layer of jokes and single chapter stories. Otomen has a very cliché, but entertaining plot. The same old girly, weak guy and strong girl plot is here. It however has a strong backbone of characters and humor. It starts Asuka Masamune who is a girly guy. No more no less. However, he is forced by his mother to live out a manly life (not as GAR as Guts from Berserk, but still manly). Why? There is no Musou Tensei here. His father left his mother to become a woman. Ever since then his mom has hated faggo–feminine, transsexual, or homosexuals. He however falls in love with a girl, Ryo whom is the exact opposite of him. He’s encouraged to pursue a relationship with Ryo by a “playa”, Juta. Juta has his own agenda that involves getting the two together to write out his manga Love Chick. The part that makes this story funny is the fact that Juta plays out Asuka as the woman and Ryo as the male. As you would guess, hijinx ensue.

I have to get down to it, the story isn’t really that funny or clever. What it does have going for it is its’ cuteness and characters. One of the things that bothers me with this manga is he hasn’t asked her out. This is one of those things whether it makes me wonder if this is a parody or an actual manga. Asuka may be a man’s man, but he has to stop being a pussy. He’s very concerned with what Ryo will think about how girly he is that he hasn’t asker her out. By volume two there should be a rival already. There hasn’t. There has been a very effeminate guy and a gothic Lolita rich girl and that‘s about it. I have two volumes of the manga that’s published here in the U.S. to read, but I’m hoping something develops. To you fujoshi out there, there is a lot to this manga for you. From cute guys to a shota getting hit on. Yeah, the selling point of this manga isn’t really for men. The characters really drive the manga home for me. I feel there is a great balance between the characters, I just wish more happened between them. I do want to point out, the same joke is done A LOT through the series. Asuka sees something cute, and he tries to hold it in to not say it.

Time to tell you why you should read the manga: the art. The art is amazing. There are some flaws with lines and jaws, but it’s not noticeable. It’s just great, cleaned, polished shojo at its best. One of the things that really


Aya Kanno can really draw cakes for some reason.

takes me away from shojo is the artwork (looking at you The Wallflower). There is some really good display of artwork in small details. Several panels of food just look amazing in detail. The only problem that I really have with this series is the paneling and emotion. Tension and impact is taken away by the way stuff is set up. There is this panel where the shota boy, Yamato or Yamamoto or some shit is being beat up. I sort of cared for the kid, but it ended in the poorest manner. I don’t exactly know how to describe it, but it just had this lack of emotion built into it.

Time to get down to the nitty gritty, should you read it? Sort of. This manga is true to the two chapter ideal. Read two chapters, if you don’t like those two chapters, you won’t like the series. The first two chapters describe what the whole manga will be about. Asuka’s teenage angst, constant jokes of cute things, etc. This manga isn’t a complete man/boy repellant. I hate reviewing series where I can’t tell you whether you should read it or not. The manga does have raise some questions about gender roles and how our peers react to it, but it’s not very in your face about it. I really recommend buying Viz’s manga release if you decide to read on. Despite some problem some pages getting cut off on the side in volume two, I don’t have any issues with it. It has a lot clearer and less awkward translations than the scanlations.

P.S. I’m not into yaoi,  but why the hell isn’t there any doujin on this?

Here's a ballon you whore.


Screw you, Gainax and other stories.

December 21, 2009
So much shit, so little series.

So much shit, so little series.

I need to just get some steam out. I hate Gainax. I hate everything about them. I hate how they give series so many spin-offs and kill their anime to the ground. I hate how they don’t give series that NEED it like Kare Kano, a second season. There’s a difference between a bad studio, like say Bee Train, and Gainax is the sick need to kill your series. Mahoromatic is an example: cheesy ecchi anime. I completely understand it’s a appeal. Should have ended with the second series. It ended decently, nothing great. In comes in the OVA’s. What the hell is that? It has zero entertainment value. Just another ploy to make money.

Gurren Lagann. Another good series. I completely understood its appeal. My problem with it is it’s stupid spin-offs and music videos that don’t make any sense. I understand if you want your series to be successful and you want to get as much merchandise as you can out of your product, but god damn how many Yoko figures can there be? One for jacking off, one for display, one for ogling and one to make your waifu. God damn, otaku can’t you see the wool in your eyes? You, yes you Japanese fans who keep buying their damn products. At least Gonzo has the decency to know they make bad shows and stop there.

I have one more beef with Gainax and that is Hideaki Anno. A director like this should not be let direct. The man is so easily swayed by emotion and depression, it’s a wonder how he still finds work. I think people are assuming I’m talking about Evangelion. In a way, I sort of am. A guy should let his depression sway his work. Everyone goes through depression, especially anime directors, but I have yet to see one take it in such a stupid way he did. I have no problem with the End of Evangelion, my problem with the “OMG SHOCK VALUE” aspect of it. Not to mention Kare Kano. The guy just quit halfway because of some disputes.

Rant over. I should be done with my review of Great Teacher Onizuka tomorrow for those interested.