Screw you, Gainax and other stories.

December 21, 2009

So much shit, so little series.

So much shit, so little series.

I need to just get some steam out. I hate Gainax. I hate everything about them. I hate how they give series so many spin-offs and kill their anime to the ground. I hate how they don’t give series that NEED it like Kare Kano, a second season. There’s a difference between a bad studio, like say Bee Train, and Gainax is the sick need to kill your series. Mahoromatic is an example: cheesy ecchi anime. I completely understand it’s a appeal. Should have ended with the second series. It ended decently, nothing great. In comes in the OVA’s. What the hell is that? It has zero entertainment value. Just another ploy to make money.

Gurren Lagann. Another good series. I completely understood its appeal. My problem with it is it’s stupid spin-offs and music videos that don’t make any sense. I understand if you want your series to be successful and you want to get as much merchandise as you can out of your product, but god damn how many Yoko figures can there be? One for jacking off, one for display, one for ogling and one to make your waifu. God damn, otaku can’t you see the wool in your eyes? You, yes you Japanese fans who keep buying their damn products. At least Gonzo has the decency to know they make bad shows and stop there.

I have one more beef with Gainax and that is Hideaki Anno. A director like this should not be let direct. The man is so easily swayed by emotion and depression, it’s a wonder how he still finds work. I think people are assuming I’m talking about Evangelion. In a way, I sort of am. A guy should let his depression sway his work. Everyone goes through depression, especially anime directors, but I have yet to see one take it in such a stupid way he did. I have no problem with the End of Evangelion, my problem with the “OMG SHOCK VALUE” aspect of it. Not to mention Kare Kano. The guy just quit halfway because of some disputes.

Rant over. I should be done with my review of Great Teacher Onizuka tomorrow for those interested.


  1. Um, no.

  2. Try To Made Anime By Your Self Dude With Unique Story Line – I Think, Gainax Has More Awesome Unique Story

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