The Secret Melancholy of Shou Tucker

August 9, 2010

This is a really quick blog entry on my thoughts on the character known as Shou Tucker from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I’ll be doing these regulary since I seem to have let this place die out.

What is there to be said about the man known as Shou Tucker that hasn’t been said before? Not much, but there are some points that could be made about this controversial character. Shou Tucker for those who don’t know represents an actual problem that exists in modern day Japan. The idea of “work before your children” is something that becomes prevalent throughout your Japanese salary man. Tucker was a man who sacrificed  his wife, daughter and dog in order to keep his job after failing to create a formula for creating the creatures known as chimera. Chimera are typically these bizarre, animal-human hyrbids.

The way I see Tucker is in a bit of a sympathetic light. He’s a guy who used his wife early on as a test subject to create a chimera capable of speech. After a long two years, which I assume was him showing some ethical restraint, couldn’t duplicate the results of his speaking chimera. I see the two years of him trying to duplicate his results without using human lives as an example that maybe Tucker isn’t as big an asshole as we thought. You also have to realize that if he hadn’t sacrificed Nina, that he would have probably died with her as well. He probably would have lost his job at Central and probably wouldn’t have been able to find a job again. He might as well have gambled and seen if he could continue to live as a normal and what I believe to be middle class lifestyle. This can also be applied to people who sell their children for money, but I found the outrage against this fictional character to be quite ridiculous.

One of the things that also brings some controversy is Edward’s hypocrisy towards Tucker. Ed views Tucker as a villain, when in reality Ed did the same thing. Albeit, Ed did his without actually realizing the consequences, but even if it was an accident, Ed should not be putting hatred towards people after realizing his actions caused the same thing.

I really wanted to just point out that in the end, Tucker is the only character that goes to hell. Barry the Chopper, who murdered several people and enjoyed every minute of it went to heaven. Kimblee a massive cynic who wanted to murder several people during the Ishvalan war went to heaven. Envy, one of the worst characters in the show who wanted everyone to turn on each other and kill each other went to heaven. I find the crimes that these characters did to be much more despicable than three murders committed by Tucker.



  1. Agreed, the attitude of Edward Elric towards Tucker is pretty ironic. Whether it serves as an effective critique of a Japanese social problem is harder to say. I like the article, keep up the good work!

  2. I understand what your saying here, on how his sin for the death of his wife, Nina, and Alexander are all the reasons to his madness. I really do agree with the ‘work before family’ because that really what leads him to use Nina and Alexander in the end, his fear of failure and to pride himslef on success even if it means at the cost of others. One question though your last paragraph when your deacribing the other villian type charaters and how all of them but Tucker were sent to Heaven; Because I’ve heard rumors about Shou Tucker decribed in the same way, curious but where did you hear that from?

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