An OreImo question.

November 14, 2010

So I like just about every other anime fan out there has been watching the series My Little Sister Can’t Be This Fuckable. This is the first anime since Fall 2008 I’ve followed on a week by week basis. I’m just typically not one of those dudes that does self-righteous Preview Guides that EVERY other blogger does. There’s a handful of good ones, but they’re you know the people that have been doing it for a while!

I’ve been enjoying this series on a superficial level and I’ve turned off all parts of my brain so I could enjoy this show. We finally get to see some slightly more accurate portrayals of otaku than Genshiken and how society treats them. People actually consider otaku garbage in this show, as opposed to anime like Genshiken where society is completely overlooked.

There are however a couple of question that remains in my head after all of this. In episode five after Kirino exposes her otakuism to her friend Ayase, her brother “reveals” that the doujin she was carrying of brotherxsister pornography was because they are in love with each other. Ayase eventually takes this as being okay, as long as she wasn’t an otaku. Although this was completely hypothetical, I really wonder if incest is taken lighter than being an otaku? Really? Fucking your sister is okay, but watching a magical girl show is shunned upon?

Another thing I’d like to bring up is the downloading of OreImo. I’m still amazed at the amount of people that are downloading OreImo when there is an amazing, high-quality, FREE, legal stream of the show on AnimeNewsNetwork’s site. Are people just natural assholes to the point that they feel the need to download something even though there is a legal form of getting it? Sevakis did a beautiful job with his video player (it makes Hulu look like shit) and people still refuse to watch the show legally? I’m aware that there might be region lock on the show, but unless I’m incorrect, Virginia is in the U.S.A. and is not blocked from watching it on ANN.

So far I recommend you watch this show. Even if the main character is a tsundere bitch and she gets annoying, there is some quality character designs (Kirino is probably the most realistic portrayal of what a teenager looks like and she’s what I would define as “hot”) and some very nice comedy. There are some issues with music throughout the show, but it doesn’t completely disturb from the enjoyment.

If you like this show and just didn’t know about the legal form of getting it just click here.



  1. I thought Ayase’s reaction was that of horror/denial?

    I’m totally with you on the natural assholes part. I’ve been enjoying ANN’s OreImo streams and can’t believe how many people are still downloading it.

    • It was, but the incest thing made her give a sigh of relief of sorts. I found that really strange since the relief insinuated that incest was better than being an otaku.

  2. That’s a good question. Is incest worse than being an otaku? I never really thought about it. There were some cases of incest back in the day that freaked people out in Japan.

    I actually wrote about incest and it showing up in anime/manga. You can read it at: http://www.mangatherapy.com/post/1467868478/incest-in-anime-manga

    Oreimo is pretty interesting, even though yes, Kirino is a complete tsundere bitch as you say.

    • That’s a very good post actually. I replied back about my thoughts on that. It seems that Japan does have some sort of shame in regards to incest with the introduction of “step siblings”.

  3. Reasons I know of why people DL Oreimo instead of watching on ANN:

    1) They have a bizarre irrational hatred for the color yellow.

    2) They like fancy typesetting and karaoke.

    3) They live in a part of the world where ANN doesn’t have streaming rights.

    4) They like/trust fansub translations better than ANN’s. (Usually with no basis.)

    5) They feel a need to collect *something*, as illegal as it may be — streaming is “impermanent”, so to speak.

    6) The free stream is only SD, and people demand HD.

    7) (Probably the main reason) They want the show ASAP instead of waiting 6 days.

    Not saying these are necessarily good reasons, but they’re the ones I know of.

  4. I download series that are also streaming because:

    1. I want the series right away (Mazui is fast and usually has the subs on the same day that it aired.)

    2. ANN’s subs are ugly and distracting. With softsubs, if you don’t like the sub’s font, color, size, or whatever, you can change it yourself.

    3. I don’t want to have to deal with ads at all.

    4. I want to be able to back it up on my external HD, so I can always have it ready, connected to the internet or not. I also use the external HD and a WDTV Live to watch it on my 46″ TV.

    5. I find when streaming, be it YouTube, Hulu, ANN, whatever, even if the HQ or 720p or whatever option is selected, it never really is in that quality. I almost always watch anime full screen, and stuff like that really bothers me.

    6. Force of habit. I watch many series that don’t have official english subs to them, so I’ve always relied on fansub groups to get anime.

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