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Interview with a Yaoi Fan

March 7, 2010

Hey dude, this is Art here. I decided to post an interview that I had with a yaoi fan, Mirai. Chances are if you like my blog or at least visit every now and then, you probably don’t like yaoi, moe, etc. I decided to speak with a person who has a better expertise with the subject than I do,  and this is what I got. It was interesting to get  a POV from another persons eyes.


AR: Thank you for taking the time for this interview. First question, how did you get into yaoi?


Mirai: It was through a fan fiction, which I read out of plain curiosity. Since I had heard so much about yaoi at that time, I wanted to try it out.

AR: At around roughly what age did you get into yaoi?

Mirai: Thirteen-fourteen.

AR: Interesting. How do you feel about younger yaoi fans? I’m aware underage yaoi fans make quite the majority. Do you believe that it’s okay or should there be some boundaries?


Mirai: I agree that most of the fans are minors, yet it doesn’t mean that all underage yaoi fans necessarily read or watch M-rated shows, fanfiction and doujin (even though most of them still do). In any case, warnings and age limits don’t stop teenage boys from downloading hentai, and nothing can stop a fangirl, so even if there were any boundaries I highly doubt any of them could work. All in all, I’m okay with most of the yaoi fan base being underage; but when people associate the image of a yaoi fan with a crazy, hyperactive fifteen-years old high on sugar, the thing that pisses me off the most is that it’s highly true.

AR: I would definitely agree that they don’t stop anyone from watching shows they aren’t supposed to anyway. Most of the people who watch or read yaoi call themselves fujoshi *. How do you feel about the term fujoshi? I understand some people find it offensive.


Mirai: While I know that many call themselves that, I don’t refer to myself as one, preferring to be just a “yaoi fan”. But as you said, while a part of the fan base takes pride in being called a fujoshi, another part takes offense in it. Since recent times, though, “fujoshi” has also been used to refer to the audience of shows that, while not being yaoi series, strongly hint at shounen-ai (for example, Kuroshitsuji); due to this, I believe that the popularity of the term might increase, and it will stop being looked at as an insult. I myself am neutral towards the term, much like with the word otaku.

AR: What are some yaoi that anyone can read that anyone can read? With or without sex. Easily accessible?


Mirai: I suggest you take a look at the shounen-ai tagged series over at and at the shounen-ai and yaoi tagged series at Some I’d suggest are Loveless, which also has its own anime adaptation, and both the Junjou Romantica and the Gravitation anime (which you can find, for example, at All the sites I’ve listed offer free anime and manga*, accessible to everyone.

AR: I enjoyed the Gravitation anime. I think it was the ending theme that got to me.Taken from some dude's DA. According to Ms. Mirai this is the opposite of what yaoi fans think.


Mirai: I’ll agree that it’s quite nice.

AR: Have you ever liked an anime or manga because of its’ character designs or possible boyxboy pairings?


Yes. I actually began reading Katekyo Hitman Reborn! for the sole reason that I had heard it had many possibilities for shounen ai pairings, and they’re most of the reason I’m still reading it (other than fandom stuff and some particular characters). I don’t think there’s anime or manga I follow just because of the character design, but it’s the main reason I got into The World Ends With You in the first place (not sure if games count in this answer).

AR: Yeah, Reborn! Has a lot of yaoi fodder. I suck at The World Ends With You. I’m still stuck at the last dragon level.

Is there a message that you would like to give to people who don’t understand yaoi or think it’s disgusting?


Mirai: Those who dislike yaoi are entitled to their opinions, and I certainly don’t have any right to force my tastes on other people; I just wish some of them would stop saying that yaoi is disgusting because, in real life, gay people are not like that. To anyone who has ever said or thought something like that, I want to ask you when ever has anime been supposed to make complete sense.

AR: It’s true, people. Real gay people don’t shove corn up other people’s butts * (unless they want to).

Alright, this was a great interview! I’d like to thank you for your time.

Mirai: Always glad to be of help, and thanks for keeping up with me!


AR: If you ever need help looking for awesome 80’s OVA’s I’m your man!


* Fujoshi.

* Reference to My Sexual Harassment where a character gets corn up the butt. It inspired several corn dildos.

* Keep in mind this is illegal. I don’t condone illegal streaming and scans for anime or manga that are licensed, but I kept it to preserve Ms. Mirai’s dialogue.