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Number Five Anime of the Year

December 8, 2010

Art: Jon and I decided to do the thing most blogs do, and that’s rate the top five anime of the year. I personally do not believe in ranking anime, but for the hell of it, I decided to go along with it. 2010 was a semi-disappointing year (my number one anime is genuinely my number one anime) except for one anime that brought out it’s genre from a pile of shit year. I think anime did pick itself up a bit this year from the horrid year of 2009. Here’s to 2011 and the hopes that Nokemono to Hanayome gets made next year!


Jon’s Pick


Highschool of the Dead

Coming in on number 5 is Highschool of the Dead. This zombiefest was one of the most thrilling anime of 2010. While it doesn’t have the social commentary of a George A. Romero movie, it has just about everything else you can ask for in a good zombie apocalypes. It’s gorey, violent, and often can be quite frightening. It has an intense survival element that anime rarely brings to the table. An added bonus (or a minus, depending on your perspective) is the massive amounts of fan-service being thrown around. Regardless of how you feel about its ecchi elements, Highschool of the Dead is one of the most effective anime horrors in recent memory and has something to satisfy horror and anime fans alike.


Art’s Pick


I used to be a big hater of moe anime. Quite a huge hater. I remember watching the first season of K-On! and hating it for the cheap cuteness and awkward anime it was to watch due to the fandom. But upon watching it a second time, and watching the second season I genuinely enjoyed it. Maybe it’s because this anime had a bit more charm to it than the previous season. I think it just might be the fact that they were seniors, and they’re in the same situation I am. Episode 21 got me tearing up hard, something I’ve never done watching animation. Despite the animation (or what Kyo Ani considers animation) got much, much cheaper, the show gave me a warm feeling everytime I saw it. If you were watching K-On!! like the guys over at Bakacast were, you’re an idiot. This anime is not about music, but rather the girls that play it. This anime caused me to be more open minded, and how can that not be a ranked on my list?


The Most Beautiful Animaton in the World

May 21, 2010

Kamichu! Review



It’s a sad thing when series that are so good just get lost in so much garbage that gets released in the American anime market. Here we have a show with so little flaws, with its only flaw is of no fault of its own: it’s not an anime for everybody. It’s a short, slice-of-life, light romance anime that is just as beautiful to look at as it is to listen to.

Based on the opening paragraph you would assume this is a show along the same veins as Golgo 13 or someother bizarre, male power fantasy show that you would see in this blog. That isn’t the case today though. An anime like Kamichu comes along ever so rarely where it blends the common traits of a moe show and slice-of-life and blends them perfectly together as I’ve never seen it before. The show’s premise is as generic as one would assume a show about a girl who wakes up and realizes she’s become a god. She gets all the perks of being a god, like seeing other ghosts and gods and being able to grant wishes. However, this show isn’t about a girl trying to hide her identity, as a matter of fact the whole world knows she’s a god. The best part is everyone is nonchalant about her new powers. Although people try to get her to grant wishes for her, no one sees her as a creep with supernatural powers like most anime shows do.

            There are several episodes of Kamichu where the main protagonist, Yurie simply hangs out with her friends and tries to get the attention of a boy she likes named Kenji. I think it’s simply amazing how the subtle touch of a god being able to grant wishes isn’t able to grant her own of trying to get the boy to like her. Although Kamichu does not have a linear plot, it has a subtle layer of romance and certain tone to the entire series. There is one episode that completely comes out of nowhere that just disturbs the feeling of the entire show. Episode four (“Earth’s Crisis”) deals with the Prime Minister of Japan hiring Yurie to communicate with an alien from outer space. There are several scenes of people in this episode just being completely despicable and trying to get innocent Yurie involved in this severe torture of a harmless alien trying to get back home, just so that the Prime Minister would have value to the President of the United States. After this episode, the rarities return once more in episode eight (Wild Times), but they don’t ruin the feeling the show had until that point.

            When it comes to characters and character development, this show just shines. Yurie is a simple minded girl who still has that air of an innocent child about her. She has little to no moral flaws, but I believe that to be her one flaw. She’s too perfect. I believe that in a world full of panty shots and maids, it’s actually quite nice to have a character that goes back to the days of slow moving anime like To Heart. Yurie’s love interest, Kenji is your typical oblivious love interest, much like Karasuma from School Rumble. He’s quite an interesting character in the form that he’s just a quiet painter who is not bothered by big things like his club only having one member. The other cast of characters just make the show much more loveable. The Yurie entourage is content and always cheering their friend on when she’s getting down. It’s just a heartwarming series that perfectly balances out all of the Golgo 13’s in my life.

One of the main reasons I picked up this show was because of the rumored “amazing animation and artwork”. It’s quite possible one of the best animated TV series of the decade. I’ve heard people call it “Studio Ghibli makes a moe show” and that’s just about right. Throughout the entire production, there are very few scenes where the quality drops, but the animation remains consistent. The backgrounds make it appear as if everything is moving at one time, and the world is constantly moving, not just with what’s going on screen. As far as artwork goes, the character designs are extremely cute. The music for this series is just beautiful. There slow moving classical music just adds a sense of relaxation to the series that was just meant to relax you and take you to a simpler time when eating an ice cream was a past time. I’m a proud owner of the OST and with 22 songs from the series to listen to, I’m never bored. The dub to Kamichu! is amazing as well. It’s one of those instances where the squeakyish little girl voice doesn’t sound fake. The Japanese track is good as well, it just so happens that if there is a good dub and a good Japanese track, I tend to go for the English dub.

Overall, this series is beautiful. It is a must see show, and it’s only real flaw is that it’s not for everybody. If you’re the type of person that didn’t enjoy shows like Aria, this show probably wouldn’t be for you. Regardless on your stance on moe (and believe me, this show is moe), this is just a must see. Despite all of the action, you will have the same effect of guns being shot during love confessions that you saw coming a mile away. Even the rewatchability factor in this series is high. It’s tender, relaxing shows like this that make anime what it is as a medium. We could all yell we watch anime because it’s mature storytelling until you’re blue in the face, but we all see that you’re talking about shows like Naruto or Bleach. It’s shows like this that take a certain type of sophistication and maturity to enjoy.

Just watch the opening and tell me it doesn’t make you wanna watch it:


Japan loves its subordinate women.

December 27, 2009

World of Narue Bashing Review

Method Watched: Anime On Demand/Japanese fansubs

Price: 29.98

English Publisher: ADVision (previously licensed by Central Parke Media)

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Slice of Life, Sci-fi

One of the reasons why anime has become jaded and bland is the same reason series like this anime get released. It’s not so bad to have anime clichés in your anime, it’s how you use them. This series uses them in the most boring manner imaginable.

The anime plot is pretty basic. Girl saves boy, girl is alien, girl and guy get in to wacky adventures, guy wants to pork said alien. Shocker, the boy is a fucking otaku and the girl is a walking doormat. Narue is the alien and Kazuto is the bitch, I mean boy. There are no plot twists and from there it turns into a slice of life. There isn’t much sci-fi going on

The main characters Kazuto and Narue. My face looked EXACTLY like Narue's as I watched this anime.

despite its premise. If I had to compare this story to any other anime it would be Oh! My Goddess. The girl is a reason why the I’m not completely opposed to the feminist movement. She’s exactly the type of girl meant to appeal to otaku fetishists. Not to mention the mechaphiles. There’s a ship that turns into a woman. Feel free to stop reading the review now if that was enough to seal the deal. The only people that are going to be watching a show with a story like this are either otaku idealists or young girls who find this show cute. The biggest problem with romantic comedy/slice of life type of shows is their endings. This anime takes the cake. It just…ends. In the same vein that I hated Kare Kano for just ending. How does it end though? In the most otaku’s wet dream imaginable. A cosplay contest to please her man.

The art is nothing special. There are no great fight scenes, no amazing romantic kiss scene…everything is just mediocre. All the characters look like stock anime characters. In short, make sure to drink some coffee before you pop this in the DVD player. I looked up the character design and it looks like some guy named Takaaki Hirayama did the character designs. What else has this guy done? Motherfucking Mamotte Shugogetten, another “let me please you because I’m willing to do whatever for you” anime.

As far as sound goes, this anime goes nowhere. Narue’s soundtrack sounds a lot like that of a visual novel. It’s pretty bland and does nothing to bring up any emotions. The Japanese track for this is not half bad. A lot of the seiyuu aren’t high-pitched annoying, just there. I knew I’d heard Kazuto’s voice somewhere before though..somewhere bad.. MOTHERFUCKING MAMOTTE SHUGOGETTEN! Mr. Daisuke Sakaguchi is just one of those guys I will never ever accept his voice after series like this. As for the English dub, it’s flat. Nothing special, it gets the job done for a series like this.

 I hate everyone in this series. Everyone. I hate to rag on series as if they’re terrible, but everyone is so mediocre. The only highlight of this whole series is the ship woman. She wants to get married. If you had to see one episode of this

This is Bathtscaphe. There's a guy who wants to pork her in this show.

series, it’s the ship relationship episode. I for one do not condone mecha-human relationships. It’s wrong and immoral and God would not stand for it.

I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. It’s not that this show is bad, it’s just mediocre, and mediocrity is what really sucks. However, I know people will watch this because of its‘ moe♥moe kyuun aspect. However, those people don’t read my reviews..well no one really does, but you get the point. Don’t buy it, don’t download it, just pretend you never read this or even heard of the series. Why ADVision decided to rerelease it is beyond me.

If you're reading this blog, chances are you find this to be disgusting. If this turned you on, get the fuck out of Lonely Sunset.