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The Anime Industry (In America) Part 1

June 18, 2009

How do I even begin with the anime industry this year. It’s been a big rollercoaster for most of us. Some companies blossomed, some fall and crashed.


Central Park Media’s Downfall


Central Park Media filed for chapter Central Park Mediaon April 28, 2009. The downfall of Central Park Media is something everyone saw coming. They simply weren’t getting series fans found appealing. Series like World of Narue and Project A-Ko don’t stick out to anyone other than die-hard fans or older otaku. They don’t fit in with the now popular shonen demographic. It was also obvious due to their financial problems that arose during 2006.  Recently, ADV Films has licensed series that Central Park Media had to drop. I’m not really sure whether this is a good thing or not. The series picked up are, Now and Then Here and There, World of Narue, Grave of the Fireflies, and MD Geist. The issue with this is most people that wanted it in their collection already have it. I don’t see anyone rebuying this series unless there is a new, exceptional dub.

The question is: “How can companies prevent this from happening to them”? Simple, license more anime and manga that look appealing. Go on forums. go on websites, anywhere where you can be sure you’re getting data on what is hot and what people want. Don’t go around licensing anime that no one really wants. Obscurity isn’t neccesarily a good thing  (I’m looking at you ADV).

Shojo Beat Cancellation

Shojo Beat Magazine Cover

 This one came as a slight shock. I knew Shojo Beat did nothing to appeal to male readers (which do make up alot of the manga readers) like Shonen Jump attempts to do for females. The manga are all great stories, but alot of people are in that “shoujo is 4 gurls” state. This magazine does represent this. With articles about make-up and room decoration it was boy repellant. Not to mention the covers. It really is targeted at them, but a guy can seriously get intro it. Sadly the magazine cancels sometime in June or July. It will be missed.  For my stern thoughts look at my old blog post about the cancellation.







Funimation Licenses A Boat-Load of Series


FEAR NOT! Not all has been bad. FUNImation acquired several licenses to anime ranging from Dragonaut, to Soul Eater. Not just that, they acquired licenses from Geneon. It seems like they won’t stop now. Not only that they are doing partnerships with other companies like VIZ Media to bring their shows to the FUNImation channel or FUNImation channel On Demand. I am very content with this company and makes it all feel safe.


Otaku USA Last American-Based Anime & Manga Magazine

Otaku USACongrats to Otaku USA. They are officially the last American-based magazine. Despite the sad news of Anime Insider this may look like a good thing for Otaku USA. With less competition comes more readers. Some have called it a Newtype rip-off, but I beg the differ. Despite the similarities, Otaku USA has many nice articles and contributors. There are some downsides to the magazine. The manga excerpts take up alot of the magazine and leaves fewer input for the articles. I really respect the editor, Patrick Macias. He was a cool guy in Tokyo Eye.



Look forward to the second part sometime next week. I’ll be back when my milk warms up.